Laser Periodontists

What is a Laser?

Regular sunlight consists of many wavelengths of light.   Unlike sunlight, a laser emits just one single, powerful wavelength of light.   The energy created by a laser is capable of cutting or shaping tissues, making lasers an ideal instrument for dental procedures.

We use three different lasers in our practice. While periodontal laser therapy is not appropriate for all procedures, it has a distinct advantage when applicable. Compared with more traditional instruments, periodontal lasers can:

  • Be less painful after surgery
  • Require less (or no anesthesia) 
  • Be faster and more efficient, in many cases
  • Provide a more predictable cosmetic outcome
  • Assure less bleeding and no stitches.


All of our lasers have received approval by the Food and Drug Administration.   Our staff are fully trained on the proper maintenance and use of our lasers.   As with any procedure, we adhere to the strictest guidelines for safety.



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